Religious Life - Prayer & Worship

Prayer and Worship

To experience a personal relationship with God, the children are given the opportunity to participate in and experience daily prayer. Class prayer fosters a oneness in the group and enables the children to see beyond themselves to establish a relationship with others and with God. This prayer is offered through silent meditation and classroom prayer each day.
A prayerful assembly is presented by individual classes each Friday. Parents are welcome to attend these Prayer Assemblies. These enable us to experience an intimate community of life and love based on a sharing of and witness to our faith.
Youth Masses are conducted usually on the first Sunday of the month and will be advertised in the school newsletter. These masses enable our children to participate in the mass through various ministries. Each Sunday (in term time), children are invited to attend a children's Liturgy of The Word.
At least once a term at 9:00am on a Wednesday we celebrate a School Mass. Parents are encouraged and welcome to attend these masses.