About Us - School Board



Our School Board was established in 1983. The Board is a policy-making and management structure which seeks to work toward the achievement of the Church's educational mission. It is a Vatican II structure for effective decision making. It is a policy-making team consisting of people who have an awareness of the Church's educational mission and who together build policies that are based on Gospel Values.


The aim of the Board is to assist our school to fulfil its Catholic Educational responsibility within the terms of the general pastoral and educational goals of the Diocese.


The first responsibility is to assist the Principal and staff to apply the ideals stated in the school's Mission Statement. The Mission Statement is really a statement of philosophy declaring what the local faith community wants our Catholic School to be and to do.


The Board has specific decision making responsibilities in the areas of:

v Policy making

v Provision and Maintenance of Buildings and Plant

v Budgeting

v Communication


The Board has an advisory role in the areas of:

v Curriculum

v Staffing



Membership of the School Board consists of ex-officio, elected and co-opted members. Ex-officio members are the Parish Priest, Principal and where applicable a representative of any religious order providing staff to the school. Elected members include a member of staff, parents, and a parishioner. The Board can co-opt members to become full members of the Board.


To be eligible to elect or be elected, a person must have participated in a preservice Board Education Program within three years prior to the election. This program ensures a clear understanding of the philosophy and the aims and responsibilities of the Board.


An opportunity for participation in a preservice program is offered to all interested persons each year, and precedes the election of new members.


Current Board Members

Fr Bryan Hanifin                                 Anthony Greene (Principal)

Joanna Cornwell (Staff Member)     Grant Gorman (Board Liaison Officer)

Catherine Collins                              Wayne Hanrahan

Katie Bull                                            Carl Daniels (Chairperson)

John Franco                                   Martin Krehlik