Curriculum - Framework


Curriculum Vision
At St Peter’s School, we aim to provide a relevant and holistic curriculum.
We strive:
To develop life-long learners who are active participants in their world
To create learning environments that are stimulating and foster the love of learning
To work in partnership with all members of the school community to build positive relationships
To create inclusive learning environments where all feel welcomed, accepted and safe
To celebrate and share the charism of Nano Nagle and the Presentation Sisters
To provide learning experiences that are engaging, challenging, open-ended and differential
To encourage learners to be self-motivated and reflective
Effective Teaching and Learning Practices
At St Peter’s School, we believe that learners learn most effectively when they are actively engaged in learning environments both physical and digital that are a balance of:
Open-ended tasks
Differentiated learning
Deliberately scaffolded learning sequences
Collaborative learning
Negotiated Learning
Problem solving
Teacher directed learning
‘Hands-on’ exploration